Posted by: chroniclesofgrace | February 18, 2011

Jelly Telly

Jelly Telly

If you are seeking some quality Christian entertainment for your kiddos, Phil Vischer(Creator of Veggie Tales) has a newer show now called JellyTelly that my kids (especially my youngest) just love.  You can watch the videos for FREE at their site.   Their goal is to teach children Christian values, the Bible and the work of the church around the world.  My favorite part is that most of the videos are in about 20 minute segments so that they aren’t just watching forever.  On Sundays, they are now offering a full length Christian movie for families to watch together that will hopefully be a forum for Christian filmmakers to gain more exposure.  

Of course, there is no substitute for parents going through the Bible with their children, but JellyTelly is a helpful alternative to what is on mainstream television. 





  1. Jennifer,
    Thanks for the link. Maddy played with the site for a hour. It will be really nice to have an alternative to Nick Jr. One thing I noticed about this site was that there were no advertisements. No commercials. I love it!


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