Posted by: chroniclesofgrace | January 31, 2011

When a homeschool mom is sick…

Well, despite my best efforts with vitamins, herbs & teas, my body could not fight off the flu my  kids had.  Fortunately, the worst part was during the weekend, but unfortunately, there is rarely a substitute teacher to call when a homeschool mom is sick.  I look forward to the days when all my kids can work independently enough that they don’t really need me as much and all the schoolwork can continue even when I don’t feel well, but we aren’t quite in that phase yet.  So these sick days are days where our kids’ character is tested – Can they get along quietly so mom can rest?  Will they rise to the challenge of helping more around the house?  Who will become the “nurse” to mom?  And though these types of lessons aren’t academic, they are vitally important – just as important, I believe as any academic test they will ever take. 




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