Posted by: chroniclesofgrace | January 28, 2011

When the kids are sick…

One of our Everyday Graces has been our health.  It had been a long time since our family was sick.  But this week, our family(3 so far) has been taken over by whatever cold/flu bug has been going around.  I am so grateful that it is just a strain with a high fever and lots of sleeping(and not the, well, messier type of illness). 

My temptation initially this week, was to keep going with life.  After all, there was schoolwork to be done and I don’t want to get anymore behind than we already are!  So I was continuing school with those who were healthy, having those who were mildly sick do some independent work on the couch.  And I was determined to do our history/science/read-aloud reading so we left the “school room” and read where the sicker ones could hear and listen too.  And I realized that I had made life all about me once again.  I wanted to be able to check off my boxes that work had been completed!  I had made the day/week about my plan and agenda without allowing God to change my plans for His plan.

Don’t get me wrong – a homeschooling family cannot always put life on hold because of illness, especially during the cold & flu season.  But I was being resistant to a change in my plans.  So, then I started thinking that since we weren’t getting school done, I would start to tackle my list of projects that I never seem to get to.  After all, I can’t just spend a day doing nothing!

Or could I?  What did my children really need from me today?  Well, they each needed something different as I’ve found they each have a different “sick” personality.  One really wanted to be cuddled.  One wanted me to make his favorite foods and keep his glass filled.  One just wanted me to acknowledge that it was really uncomfortable for them.   And I realized that service to my sick children is on my to-do list today.  Making them a priority rather than checking off boxes was my marching orders from my Heavenly Father today. 

Being the “nurse” type doesn’t come naturally to me, so I will need His strength to do this today.  And I need to stop thinking about the fact that I am cooped up in the house with sick kids all around me when the warm weather outside is beckoning me to go for a walk.  And I need to stop thinking about how I am missing the Women’s Bible Study this morning and fellowship with other adults.  And all the other me, me, me thoughts. 

I need to remember that God ordained this day for me.  And this day belongs to Him.  And I will remember my Savior who worked hard while He was on this earth when He had so many people needing him.  And I need to focus on those people in my home for whom my work is eternal – not the “hay & stubble” that I often work so hard for.  And so I am going to finish this post, get off the computer and be the mom my kiddos need today in His strength.  And show them the love from Him that flows out of me. 

And take lots of immune boosting vitamins & herbs today in the hopes that mycloseness to them won’t become my own health trial in a few days:)

Blessings & health,




  1. Thanks for posting this Jennifer. Similar temptations in the Sauder home this week. I was super convicted by your statement: “And I realized that I had made life all about me once again.” I do this so often… thanks for the encouragement!

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