Posted by: chroniclesofgrace | January 26, 2011

Taxes Exemplified

Our family is studying American History this year through Bigger Hearts for His Glory Curriculum.  I love hands on examples and this one will be committed to my memory.

One of the reasons I love this curriculum is that it spells out exactly what I am to do and say.  Here’s an example of what I was to do today:

“Give students 20 pieces of one of their favorite snacks or treats(I gave mine M&M’s, marshmellows, chocolate chips & pretzels).  Say, These are your snacks to have. You earned them by doing your schoolwork today. Before you eat them, I will need to tax you first and then you may eat what you have left.  If you are wearing the color red, you will need to pay me a tax of 3 pieces of your snack. Looks on their faces were “What?????” If you have on something made of jean or denim, you will need to pay me a tax of 4 pieces of your snack. One said “Whew! Good thing I’m wearing sweats!”  If you had milk for breakfast, you will need to pay me a tax of 3 pieces of your snack. If you live in a house with 2 or more bedrooms you will need to pay me a tax of 6 pieces of your snack. “But I don’t have any control over that!” and the tears started rolling down the youngest’s cheeks!  If you have any coffee or tea in your house, you will need to pay me a tax of 5 pieces of your snack. “But I don’t even drink that!” And 2 of my kids were having complete meltdowns! Boy9 shouted “Revolution!” and went looking for his toy weapons!

Rather than going on, I ended it so they could calm down.  Then I asked them how they felt about being taxed so much.  They were so upset that it wasn’t fair.  As I passed the snack back out and the youngers started to breathe normally again we talked about how the colonists felt when King George taxed them so heavily and that the colonists wouldn’t have had enough left to feed their families after paying all of those taxes. 

I think they got the point…and I’m hoping they don’t have troubles with the IRS in the future… 





  1. Jenny,
    I saw your post for LLATL -red book and I am very interested. I would be happy to pay for shipping. Please let me know if it is still available. Sorry to post this message here but for some reason, the Homeschool Library was not allowing me to sign in to notify you of my interest. You had your blog listed so I opted for this route.

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