Posted by: chroniclesofgrace | September 2, 2010

Being Spiritually & Physically fit

I was blessed to teach the teen girls from our church last night.  The topic was Overcoming Lies.  We talked a lot about how important it is to have our minds saturated with the truth of God’s Word so that we could combat the lies in our minds and our emotions and from the world.  Have you ever noticed that sometimes your thought problems seem to increase when you are less connected to God? When I stop praying(not intentionally – life just gets busy) and studying God’s Word(I mean study, not just read a little so I can check off that I did it, but to internalize it and apply it to my life) I feel strangled by temptation.  Temptations to sin in my anger, to think untrue thoughts about God and others, to believe that I can’t do all that God has called me to do.  Ironic? Not really.  Staying close to God through Jesus Christ and His Word is what will bring us freedom to do what He commands and has called us to do!

I’ve also learned that my body NEEDS exercise.  It affects so many facets of my life.  Symptoms of certain times of the month are less drastic when I’ve been exercising.  I tend to not crave junk food as much when I’ve been exercising.  I sleep better when I’ve been exercising.  Now, I never really “feel” like exercising, but it truly is something I’ve discovered is a need, and I always feel better once I’ve done it!

So I’ve developed a tracking for being fit both spiritually and physically based on suggestions from author Elizabeth George.  On the days that I have spent quality time in God’s Word, I highlight that day on the calendar in yellow.  On the days that I have exercised, I highlight on the calendar in blue.  That’s right – yellow and blue make green!  If I’m feeling out of sorts, far from God, experiencing fatigue, my emotions are out of control, etc.  all it usually takes is for me to glance at my calendar and notice that for the past week there’s been a lot of “white” days. 

I agree with you that it’s hard to find the time to squeeze both of these in.  And as our new school year has started and homeschooling, clubs, sports, lessons, meetings, etc quickly fill up our calendar it takes more of a concerted effort to really get them in.  My friend Karyn posted this on Facebook and I’m really trying to take it to heart:    ‎”Some less important things in our life could stand some planned neglect so that we might give ourselves to studying the Word of God.” – Dr. John MacArthur  I am intentionally planning some neglect in certain areas(computer time is one – ouch!). 

What have you done or are doing to ensure that you are both spiritually and physically fit?





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